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The Great Lies of Business Ownership

The evil rich.  Those much maligned 1%-ers.  They made their millions off the backs of the working poor, right?  Or, they inherited their parents money and spend their time globetrotting around the world like your typical trust-fund baby.  Maybe most of them are Wall Street types who in are bed with both Democrats and Republicans, embodying everything that is broken with government today.  Who knows, maybe they were just lucky? I mean, somebody has to win the lottery, right?  WRONG. Undoubtedly, there are people who meet the descriptions above.  If all you watch is cable news and social media, you might think virtually ALL rich people meet those descriptions.  The funny thing about the truth, though, is that it exists whether you know it or not.  Facts are facts, and ignorance doesn’t change them.  In their phenomenal #1 bestseller, The Millionaire Next Door, Drs Thomas Stanley and William Danko extensively document the profile of an average millionaire in America.  Among other things, they note the following: Average age = 57 Approximately 66% are self-employed Approximately 75% of self-employed are entrepreneurs… Read more
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