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Micromanagement – Death By a Thousand Meetings

Have you ever heard the phrase “People don’t leave companies. They leave leaders?” I hope so, because it seems that every aspiring business guru has written, linked, blogged, or complained about the problem.  Good managers like to meet.  Poor managers like to meet…..A LOT.  Good meetings are productive.  Bad meetings suck the very will to live from you.  When you strip all of the fluff away, it seems that the purpose of most bad meetings is simply to schedule another bad meeting. A natural tendency of managers is to “manage” instead of actually LEAD.  But isn’t that what they’re hired to do?  Well, yes.  And, no.  While it may vary depending on the company and the roles of employees that you lead, nothing builds respect and loyalty quite like seeing your leader “in action” – down in the trenches, performing the job duties of his/her subordinates, with excellence and a cheerful spirit.  Obviously, a leader can’t spend excessive time doing this, but a good leader will jump into the fray from time to time.  Not only does this establish credibility… Read more

By Troy Hounshell, ago