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Dear Rehab Companies:

Do you struggle to find quality, reliable physical therapists? Are they responsive to your needs? Do they document well? Do they make your life easier? The solution is easier than you think. Email me below.

Dear Patients:

Do you or a loved one need PT? How do you know you'll get a good one? What about insurance? What about coverage area? I'm not all things to all people, but I can get you where you need to be. Email me below.

Dear Future PTs:

Did you just graduate high school? Are you thinking about applying to PT school? It can be overwhelming. Would knowing the "secret sauce" to getting in be helpful? Of course it would. Email me below.

About DrTroy

Troy Hounshell, PT, ScD

Troy Hounshell, PT, ScD


A two time graduate of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Troy has built his career in the Lubbock, TX region. A proud husband and father, he works hard, tells good stories, and is fun to follow on social media.

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